I’ve seen you over the years, transform subtly from a wall flower to a blossoming bright plant.

Always carefully watching your progress, but never too keen to intrude your natural progression and betray the innocence of the advancement that was taking place.

Back then I would observe you from afar, as if peeking through the bushes just to catch a glimpse. Now I am fortunate enough, to witness you much closer. However, this improvement is in a way a demotion of some sorts. Comparable to watching a film in the cinema from a close distance; unable to capture the whole picture, whilst the whole experience leaves you a little disorientated.

Naturally, your transformation couldn’t stay confined to me alone for eternity. Others gradually started to notice and I could feel my chance, my opportunity fading. I want to approach you but I feel my silent trespassing has spoilt all that could have been. Or maybe not.

I feel like I need to undergo a personal metamorphosis if I am to find out..